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As a fitness studio owner, you must keep a close eye on the latest search trends for fitness studio centers, as they provide valuable insights into your website’s performance. Search trends are popular search terms that users enter in Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other online platforms when looking up information online. The information on the latest trends can be used for creating effective online promotional activities. 

Identifying search trends will allow you to create content based on user queries that are trending. As a result, you will be able to attract a large number of online visitors to your site and increase your revenue. 

You can use different tools to find out information on the latest search trends. Here’s a look at some of the most popular tools that you can use to identify and evaluate search trends for fitness studio centers.  

Twitter Search Trends

Twitter search trend tools can be used to learn more about the latest ideas relating to fitness centers and gyms. Tools, such as  Keyword Tool and, lets you search for ideas and topics related to the business. 

Fitness Centers & Gyms businesses

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People are more likely to share blog posts on Twitter if it is based on a trending keyword. An important thing to note is that Twitter trends are most often short term. You should create a short blog post instead of trying to perfect your blog posts to avoid missing out on the opportunity. 

You can search for Twitter trends to gain access to the latest information across the US. The tools can be used to identify regional trends that may be different from national trends. You can create content around the trending topics on Twitter. 

The shelf life of Twitter trend topics is brief. But the keywords are usually extremely popular that will bring you heavy traffic. 

YouTube Trends

YouTube trends can also let you find out important keywords that are commonly related to your business. Online tools, such as  Keyword Tool, allows you to find relevant keywords that are trending on YouTube and other search trends for fitness studio centers.

search trends fitness studio centers

Google Trends

Google Trends is another important tool that can be used to study the latest trends related to the fitness studio center. The tool can be used to discover popular keywords that people use related to your industry. 

keywords for fitness

You can look at all the trending topics related to your business. The tool allows you to gain insights into search trends based on the time range and location. Just type a keyword into the Google Trend tool and you will be presented with a wealth of information pertaining to the keyword. 

By looking at the Google Trend graph, you can determine the trend of the specific search term. The information will allow you to know interest over time for a particular keyword at a specific location. 

Google trends for business

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool can be used to find out popular search terms. But the tool displays raw search volume. You cannot know whether the search volume is going up or down. 

In contrast, Google Trends will show you not only the search volume but also search for trends. 

By using Google Trends, you will know which search terms are becoming popular. It also allows you to avoid using keywords that are losing interest among online users. 

Tips for Fitness Studio Centers for Searching Trends

Search Trends Over Longer Periods

Google, by default, shows data from the last 12 months. However, the information may not be accurate. It won’t let you know the difference between fads and trends. That’s why it’s recommended that you search for the trend over three to four years. 

Expanding the data will also allow you to avoid seasonal keywords. You will know about actual trending search terms when you expand the timeline. It will allow you to identify keywords that are fads or have irregular spikes. 

Look for Breakout Keywords

Another important tip when using Google Trends tool is to look for ‘Breakout’ keywords. Google replaces % growth for certain search terms with the word ‘breakout’. This term is used when there is not enough search volume data to display before and after percentage differences. 

Google may mark search terms as a breakout even if the growth is over 300%. The actual percentage of growth in the use of the keyword is not shown. These key terms are one of the most effective in optimizing blogs or websites since they are not competitive. It will allow you to get on the first page of the Google search engine easily without much effort. 

fitness keywords

You can see some of the popular breakout search terms for fitness studios in the image above. While the search term is popular, the use of the term has not become mainstream.  In other words, not many fitness studios are using the keyword to rank high in the search results page. This gives you the opportunity to get to the top of the search results pages without a lot of backlines. 

Identify Seasonal Trends

As mentioned earlier, search trends are affected by seasonality. But this does not mean that you should ignore the keywords. 

For instance, the search term ‘gym near me’ is popular in December while the use of the term falls in May near the start of the summer season. The months when the rainy season starts in many parts of the US and people don’t like to get wet. 

gyms near keywords

You can use the information about the seasonality of search terms to create relevant blogs. Consider optimizing the key terms before the start of the peak. This will help you to get the maximum response from the trending search term. 

Contact a professional SEO firm for proper optimization of your website. SEO experts use advanced tools to discover the trends and craft an appropriate strategy. With the help of an expert firm, your fitness center or gym can gain maximum visibility.

Partnering with a top-notch digital marketing firm that specializes in health and fitness businesses, like Margaux Agency, will help your fitness business beat the competition. Head to our website to contact us and to learn more about our lead generating SEO and comprehensive digital marketing services.

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