The Clubhouse App: What is it and How Can You Join?

Clubhouse app installed on the phone

Which social media platform do you think is the fastest-growing in the current market? 

Hint: It’s not TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other OG player. 

It’s the Clubhouse app. You must have heard people raving about it lately and if you’re a marketer who makes sure to stay on top of the latest trends and insights. The app has managed to win over 2 million active users on a weekly basis in less than a year.  

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to take the social media marketing game of your fitness business to the next level, this is your chance!       

This detailed guide will tell you all about the Clubhouse app and how you can get started on it.

So, let’s dive right in!

What is the Clubhouse App?

The Clubhouse app is a platform that allows you to engage in audio conversations with people across the world. There are virtual ‘rooms’ that you can join and listen to and contribute to. 

No text. No video. Only audio chats.

The only image you can add is your profile photo. For now, this app is only available on iOS and is invite-only. 

What Makes it Different?

For starters, the audio-only chat is a unique feature that sets the Clubhouse app apart from its counterparts. Almost everything on the app is done through the power of audio. In a world where people spend most part of their days staring at digital screens and preferring text messages over phone calls, the voice chat feature on this app allows users to feel more connected, sparking a sense of intimacy and belongingness. 

Apart from this, the content on this app is much less dictated by an algorithm than other social media platforms. Users are free to join clubs of their choice based on their unique interests. They can enter a virtual room and drop audio messages to participate in conversations on the topics of their choice. 

Most importantly, the Clubhouse app is super exclusive. You can’t join the app unless you’re personally invited to do so. Now, before you assume anything, let’s make it clear that you don’t have to be a celebrity or a VIP to get access to this fantastic app (yay!).        


How Does it Work? 

For now, let’s assume that you received an invitation to join the Clubhouse app, and you accepted it (of course).    

What are you supposed to do now? 

Well, the first thing you’ll do is connect with friends and the people on your contact list who’re already a member. After that, you’ll explore different Clubhouse rooms and join the ones you find interesting. These virtual rooms may host some scheduled events that you may participate in.  

In the ‘Hallway’ section (the main dashboard area), you’ll see all the rooms that you’ve joined as well as the upcoming events. You can also view the names of the people who are online and may be available for a chat.  

Please note that you always join a Clubhouse room as a listener so, you won’t be contributing to the conversation. You may request to speak, though. It is also possible that a moderator unmutes and invites you to share your opinion or ask a question. You may also send requests to people you find interesting for one-on-one conversations.

Additionally, if you have a topic or niche in mind that’s not being discussed in any of the rooms, you can create one. In this case, you’ll be the founder and moderator of the room. 

How to Join the Clubhouse App

First and foremost, you must have an Apple device if you want to join the Clubhouse app. Additionally, an active user must invite you to join. You’ll receive the invite in the form of a text message. The users get a limited number of invites to share in order to maintain the exclusivity of the app.          

There is a good chance that the app may become less exclusive in the future. To book your spot, visit the Clubhouse website on an Apple device and join the waitlist by providing your username. To get preference, tell your friends and family about the app and get them to sign up too.    

You can also join some business groups on Facebook to benefit from the Clubhouse invite chains going on nowadays. 

Leverage the Power of the Clubhouse App for Your Fitness Business

Business owners and social media marketers across industries are shifting their focus to the Clubhouse app. You must, too, if you don’t want your fitness business to diffuse into the background. 

The audio-only app offers fantastic benefits for businesses. For one, it prioritizes high-quality content and focuses on establishing genuine connections with the audience. Moreover, there is almost double the amount of bio space than Instagram to explain what your business is about and how it is different from others. 

Here are a few tips to make the most of the Clubhouse app for your fitness business.

  • Tailor your bio before joining each room 
  • Have a clear, precise, and engaging elevator pitch ready at all times; users can always check out your bio if they want to learn more about your business
  • Consider teaming up with someone when creating a room of your own to facilitate a natural conversation 

The Bottom Line

The invite-only social media platform has taken the social media world into a storm. If you run a fitness business and want to upgrade your social media marketing strategy, you’d want to get exclusive access to the platform before your competitors. With a core focus on creating quality content and offering something unique to the audience, devise a solid plan to enter the Clubhouse world with a bang!    

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