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Social media for fitness

One of the greatest struggles for business owners in the modern digital landscape is learning to use different social media platforms for fitness marketing. This is true for both personal trainers and gyms. Your customer relations can make or break your business, so you need to consider how and when you speak to them. 

First and foremost, you must identify your social media needs and develop a plan for approaching social media content and management.  

We have prepared this guide to help fitness entrepreneurs make the most of social media marketing. 

How to Use Social Media Platforms for Fitness Marketing

Let’s discuss what each social media platform has in store for your fitness brand. 

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the top social media channels in the fitness sector. They go hand in hand when it comes to establishing dominance in the digital stratosphere. 

Entering and gaining a reputation in the Instagram world is super easy. You can do so by creating a personal profile. However, to get access to advanced insights and promotional tools, you’ll need a business account. And for that, you must establish a business page on Facebook first. 

Considering these platforms’ mature business management interfaces, you’ll most certainly need the help of the tools that are exclusively available for business profiles. This should be a priority if you aim to promote your business on Facebook and Instagram in the long run.

Once you create a personal account on Instagram, you may struggle with controlling access and delegating management to your team. This will also make the job difficult for your social media manager. When account ownership and management are hard, claiming handles and maintaining a centralized marketing platform automatically becomes challenging. 

Content Tips

As far as the content is concerned, a simple approach is the best approach for fitness businesses. As a general rule of thumb, you can cross-post everything from Instagram to Facebook. Without obsessing over production value, you should focus on things that are easy to document. This may include a video of your clients working out at the gym, photos of a training session, or a fun interview with your team members. 

The idea is to create engaging content and put it out there to add value to your prospects’ lives. Then, you can sit back and let people talk about it and share it with their friends and family. 

While Facebook and Instagram are both excellent channels for fitness marketing, you should consider making the latter your gateway. Facebook is a platform where nurturing of client relationships happens. It is where you can add links to your website and blog. 

The bottom line is that you can post eye-catching photos on Instagram to start conversations on Facebook.   


Being in the fitness business world, you have a variety of content forms to experiment with. In addition to taking aesthetic photos and creating engaging videos, you can make informational podcasts and instructional tutorials. This is where YouTube comes in. 

If you manage to create high-quality videos, this platform will help you earn quality traffic and rankings even years later. When creating YouTube videos, you must remember that quality always stands out. Production costs may be higher for this channel as compared to other social content. However, you’ll attract tons of money once you earn a reputation as a leader or expert in the fitness industry. 

Many fitness marketers use YouTube to put raw, unfiltered content in the form of vlogs. This is an excellent way to connect with your audience and impress them by showing your real side. Additionally, you can post the audio of your video interviews on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and iTunes.         


In this day and age, TikTok is one of the best social media platforms for fitness marketing. It’s crazy how this channel got clout in such a short period after its launch. People went gaga over the new platform that encourages them to post spontaneous content. 

One of the best things you can do for your business is document things as you go about your daily routine. You don’t have to think too much – just let things flow. If you’re genuine and entertaining, there’s no reason why your content won’t translate. 

Before you go there, we’d like to point out that TikTok is NOT just for teenagers. You must see it for what it is: a simple yet effective content creation platform that makes things interesting with music. 

You can hop on the trend of a popular song to put your brand in front of hundreds and thousands of people. With TikTok, you can share your content to other social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram.    


Wondering how adding LinkedIn to your social media strategy can bring success to your business? 

This platform offers an untapped space for fitness marketers. It connects them with business professionals who want to stay on top of their fitness game. This community platform expects you to provide value to the users. In turn, you get to engage with a lot of prospects. 

LinkedIn also has a video platform that’s constantly growing. Before you share anything on there, make sure you clean up your profile. Upload your professional headshot for a personalized touch. Moreover, request references from people you’ve trained or worked out with in the past. Once you’re all set, launch your business page.

An added benefit of LinkedIn is that you can create multiple subpages to showcase different offerings on your profile. Besides, it works quite well with Twitter.         


Although Twitter is a super crowded platform where approximately 6,000 tweets are sent by the second, it can help you promote your fitness business.

The right way to go about this is by engaging in meaningful dialogue. Don’t hesitate to share your opinions on topics related to workout regimens, supplements, and weight-loss diets. Before you start, make sure you’re digital savvy and have enough time on your hands to discuss fitness-related topics regularly. 

Let’s Start Marketing Your Business on Social Media Like it Deserves!

Now that you know how to use the top six social media platforms for fitness marketing, you must be excited to improve your brand awareness and gain quality leads. Even though the social media world is in constant flux, these channels are a great place for fitness marketers to make a name for themselves. 

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