Social Media Marketing for Gyms: 6 Tips to Win Big in the Digital World

Social media marketing for gyms


Not sure how to use social media to attract and retain loyal gym members?

We know it can be confusing because social media marketing for gyms is different than other businesses. You’re supposed to convince people to come in to achieve a stronger, healthier body and a better lifestyle. 

All you have to do is post impressive photos, mind-blowing fitness videos, and engaging content, right? 


There are so many features you can take creative liberty on when it comes to social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing for Gyms

Trust us when we say that you’re missing out on A LOT by not leveraging the power of social media. It is an invaluable tool offering an excellent opportunity for cost-effective marketing campaigns. 

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic has left people craving for social interaction. So, now is a great time to develop or modify your social media marketing strategy to foster strong connections with your clients and stand out from the crowd.  

The following social media marketing tips will go a long way to position your brand to win across social media channels. 

Learn about Different Social Media Platforms

First and foremost, you must understand how various social media networks differ from each other. Each platform allows you to connect with customers in different ways. 

For example, Facebook allows people to get information on a wide variety of things and connect with others who share the same interests. You can use this platform to post long-form written content, photos, and videos, host events, and do live streaming.

Instagram, on the other hand, allows you to post photos and videos only with a short caption. People also widely use Twitter to share written and visual content with their followers. The posts can’t be more than 280 characters though. You may also want to use TikTok for sharing short fitness videos with young adults.   

If you’re starting out, it’s best to stick to one or two channels. You can always add more to the list later.

Take Advantage of Trending Hashtags

Hashtags bring similar content together. You can use a variety of hashtags to connect with your audience and gain more views on your social media posts. It’s possible to put hashtags in between sentences for shorter posts or at the end of the post. You may use multiple hashtags per post to increase views.          

When trending hashtags are timed correctly, they can bring your product, service, or brand in front of a large audience. Your posts may even be seen by people who aren’t primarily a part of your target audience. Talk about brand awareness!

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Offer Help to the Audience

Regardless of the type of content you create, make sure it offers value to the audience. Your posts should be relevant and helpful for everyone, even those who want to work out at home. Because let’s face it, many people may continue to hesitate to step into the gym even after the pandemic is over. 

You can share your daily workout stories, share recipes for healthy eating on Facebook, post photos of your equipment. To boost client retention, you should consider giving shout-outs to the most loyal and dedicated members of your gym.  

Whatever strategy you devise, make sure that people know you’re there to keep them motivated and push them on the fast track to fitness success. 

Share Emotional Real Life Stories

Generally, people connect well with posts that have an element of emotion. When it comes to social media marketing for gyms, it’s good to share fitness transformation stories, whether of yourself or your gym members, to inspire and motivate the audience. Let people know that they can most certainly achieve their fitness goals even if they are at rock bottom now. Keep it real and offer practical advice that people can consistently follow to see results.      

Apart from this, you can ask your gym trainers to reveal why they love their job. Make engaging stories full of emotions to grab the audience’s attention and boost your engagement. People are more likely to share posts they can relate to on an emotional level.  

Go Live Often 

One of the best social media marketing tips to drive audience interest is to go live. People on social media want to interact with the business and know what goes on behind the scenes. During a live session, you can read customers’ comments and answer their questions. You may discuss the benefits of healthy eating, show off your equipment, or do exercises in the live video. 

People who join the live session will feel like they are with you at the gym. This will make them feel connected and engaged. You can read about going live on Facebook here.   

Tap into Influencer Marketing

Another great tip for social media marketing for gyms is to use influencer marketing to expand your reach and attract new customers. 

When an influencer with a significant following on social media platforms talks about and promotes your gym, several new people may start following you and sign up for a gym membership to be like the influencer. 

Consider working with smaller influencers in the health and fitness niche in the beginning. You can invite them to visit your gym and share honest reviews regarding the cleanliness and sanitary standards as well as the equipment you use. 

Final Words

When it comes to social media marketing for gyms, it’s all about creating valuable content, getting it shared, and connecting with new followers. Your desired results can only be achieved with an intelligent, well-thought-out plan. The perfect recipe also includes an ounce of creativity. 

Make sure you post regularly on all social media pages to build a strong online presence. An easy way to go about this is by creating a weekly schedule of when and what to post. The social media marketing tips discussed above will help you connect with current and potential members and keep them engaged.            

Best of luck driving leads, engagement, and loyalty on social media!  

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