Optimize Website & Maximize Conversions for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Optimize Website & Maximize Conversions for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Having a website is critical not just for online businesses but also for brick-and-mortars. Fitness centers and gyms can gain a lot by establishing an online presence for themselves. But creating a website isn’t enough. You also need to optimize the website to maximize conversions. 

About 81 percent of people search for information online before making a purchase. The majority of people look for a website as the first point of contact. Share on X

Don’t just focus on improving the look of the website. You should also create goals and design your website around those goals. Define the target audience for whom you want to optimize the website. Keep the interests and likes of the target market in mind when designing the website. 

1. Get to Know Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is important to optimize the website and maximize conversions. Don’t jump in and design a site before figuring out what the online audiences want. 

Consider creating personas to know more about your audience. The personas should identify the ideal target audience. Consider the demographic information, pain points, goals, and needs when creating personas.

Find out why people tend to visit your fitness center. Think about the results the customers would be looking to achieve. Determine what they want by visiting your fitness website. The information will help you customize the website content as per the needs and requirements of the target market. 

2. Informative Content Will Help Website Optimization

Once you have determined the wants and goals of the target audience, you should optimize the website content. The website content should be created to help the target audience to make the right decisions.  For example, answer questions they have about the fitness center. Also, offer free tours and promotional offers to attract them. 

You should provide information on your website that is consistent with the information that your target audience requires to maximize conversion rates.

List the amenities available at the site as well as class timings. Consider creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page that should inform your target audience about membership details, terms and conditions, fees, and signing up to become a member. 

Let your target audience know how to overcome obstacles in attaining their fitness goals. Provide them with the information they need to monitor and achieve their fitness objectives. Let your target audience know that your company is committed to helping them live a healthy, happy life.

3. Make It Easy to Become a Member

Most people don’t have time to fill out application forms to become a member of your fitness center. Therefore, make it easier for your target audience to sign up to your site and take fitness classes. 

The online membership form should not be lengthy. It should consist of the most important information for becoming a member. Moreover, your clients should be allowed to submit a membership application and fees online. 

4. A Clear Call to Action Will Maximize Conversions

The website should have a clear call-to-action (CTA). Create CTAs based on the specific needs of the target market. It should be compelling enough for online users to take action. 

Reduce clutter around the CTA button by having enough whitespace. You should make sure that the CTA button looks visible and prominent. The size and color of the button are also important. The average CTA button size is about 47.9 pixels. Furthermore, red and orange colors also tend to get more clicks as compared to blue and green color CTA buttons.

Don’t forget to offer a deal on your services. You may offer discounts, free classes, or an eBook to your clients. This will help attract the attention of online users and influence them to become long-lasting members of your fitness center and will help maximize conversions on your website.

5. Show Social Media Sharing and Counter Buttons

Social share buttons with counters will help improve your online influence.  Social proofing helps assure online viewers about the authenticity and popularity of a website. Adding social sharing buttons can increase cross-channel promotion and maximize conversions. 

A high number of shares indicates that people trust a business. Consider adding social media share and counter buttons for Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Reddit, and Facebook. LinkedIn is not appropriate for fitness and gym centers because posting on the site does not fit with how the platform is used. Limiting to other social media sites like Facebook will provide the best results. 

An important thing to keep in mind when adding social media share buttons is that they should not interfere with the website browsing experience. Consider small button sizes that are visible but don’t distract the online viewers. Larger buttons distract online users when browsing the site. 

6. Optimize for Mobile

You should optimize the website for mobile use. Mobile optimization is important since a large percentage of online users will access your site via their mobile devices. The number of people using mobile devices to access the net is increasing. And mobile shoppers convert more as compared to desktop users.

Get the help of a professional website designer to optimize your website for mobile. The website should be optimized for both speed and appearance on mobile screens. Make sure that it displays perfectly on small mobile screens without much lag. 

Consider A/B testing before making final changes. The A/B testing involves checking two versions to find out which version gets the most response. You can test CTAs, headlines, buttons design, landing pages, and other aspects of the page before committing to a change. 

Contact a professional website design firm, like Margaux Agency,  for optimizing your website to increase conversion. Expert web designers will help you make the necessary changes and test them to find their impact on website conversions. Fitness centers and gyms can gain in the form of increased memberships when their website is optimized for conversion and their digital marketing strategy is on point. 

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