How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Fitness Brand

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2020 saw an exponential growth of 57% in influencer marketing. If this doesn’t convince you to learn how to find the right influencers for your fitness brand, the following statistics certainly will.

  • Influencer marketing will likely be worth $13.8 billion in 2021. 
  • 75% of brands intend to dedicate a specific budget to influencer marketing in 2021. 

Influencers tend to have an incredible bond with their audience. People love and trust them. It may seem easy to navigate the influencer marketing space, but you’ve got to do more than just sign a well-known influencer with a huge following. You need to ensure that their values align with your brand’s vision. Otherwise, you’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of PR nightmares. 

The right influencer will maintain a strong relationship with your brand based on authenticity, transparency, and trust. Knowing how to find the right influencers can make all the difference.  

This guide is exactly what you need to win in the influencer marketing stratosphere. 

How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Business

Considering the various options out there, finding the right influencer for your fitness brand can be tricky. Below are a couple of factors you need to keep in mind. 

Understand Your Target Audience 

Not to sound discouraging, but this is where most fitness businesses go wrong. They fail to find an influencer that their target audience follows. This is why understanding your audience’s needs, interests, and preferences are critical. 

In order to promote your fitness business, you’d want to collaborate with a fitness blogger with a similar target audience to you. This will ensure that your products and services are shown to the right people. Though you can’t decide the kind of posts the influencer will make, you’ll at least know what to expect by looking at their account. As an alternative, you could also research affordable seo packages.       

Research, Research, Research 

No matter how tempted you are to select influencers based solely on the number of their followers, you must take your time to vet them. Without proper evaluation, you may end up with the wrong influencers or even one with fake followers. 

Here are the parameters you should evaluate each influencer on. 

  • Personality 
  • Niche
  • Reach 
  • Engagement 
  • Authenticity 
  • Credibility 
  • Content quality 

Where Can You Find Influencers for Your Brand? 

The following tips will help you find credible influencers with a highly engaging audience. 

Use Hashtags When Researching 

Hashtags improve the searchability and accessibility of content on social media channels. One of the best ways to find niche-specific influencers is by searching for relevant hashtags. 

Start by searching for popular Hashtags like #fitnessblogger #fitnessinfluencer #lifestyleblog #sponsored and #ad. Check out the results and filter the posts that you like the most. Go on the respective creators’ profiles and take notes of their page aesthetics, follower count, and engagement rate. 

You can use a free Instagram engagement calculator to find out what a person’s influence is worth. If they tick all the boxes on your checklist, add them to your list of potential influencers for collaboration. 

Pro Tip: Tools like HashtagsForLikes will help you discover the most popular hashtags in your industry. You can then find the right influencers for your business.     

Leverage the Power of Social Media

When thinking about how to find the right influencers for your fitness brand, don’t forget to check which influencers are already talking about you on their profiles. Track your page mentions and use social media monitoring tools with multiple posts dedicated to your business or the fitness industry. 

For example, if you come across an influencer who regularly talks about gym equipment, you should definitely reach out to them.  

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Check Google Alerts

This is another simple way of finding relevant influencers for your fitness business. Don’t forget to set alerts for popular keywords in the industry. This will connect you with people who create content on topics related to your niche.

With the help of Google Alerts, you can find social media posts that mention your brand as well as relevant business advocates.  

Influencer Marketing Platforms 

You can find several platforms for influencer marketing to connect with the right influencers. These platforms allow you to search the influencer database. Additionally, you can filter the results by category, reach, engagement, social media channels, and more. You can also rely on these platforms to weed out fake influencers. 

What’s more?

You can run, track, and measure your influencer marketing campaigns on these platforms. The most popular choices include BuzzStream, BuzzSumo, and TRIBE.  

Benefit from Blogger Outreach Platforms

When looking for influential bloggers in the fitness industry, you must check out their content to gauge relevance and quality standard. Moreover, you should check their domain authority and social media statistics. Finally, you can contact the ones that meet your requirements. 

This may seem like a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Thankfully, you can use blogger outreach platforms like BuzzStream or Inkybee to find appropriate influencers with little effort. On top of this, you can access the necessary stats on the platforms as well.  

Gear Up to Test the Waters of Influencer Marketing!

Now that you know how to find the right influencers for your fitness brand, it’s time to start researching and reaching out to the best lot out there! 

You’ll have to put in some effort to get them to notice you. For starters, follow them from the official business page and engage with their content across social media channels. Be genuine when commenting on their posts and appreciate their hard work and creativity. For brownie points, share their posts on your page. 

Aside from this, you should prepare a compelling proposal that’s unique to each influencer you want to collaborate with. Below is what you should mention in the proposal.

  • Who you are and how you came across their page
  • Why you are reaching out to them
  • What you are willing to offer in return 
  • How they can move to the next step if interested 

If you don’t hear back in a couple of days, send a follow-up email. Ideally, you should follow up at least twice before considering it as a dead end. 

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