Fitness Social Media Marketing Create a Kickass Strategy for Fitness Studios

Fitness social media strategy

The advent of social media has made it super easy for fitness brands to foster a community of active individuals. However, many fitness entrepreneurs aren’t making the most of the opportunity at hand. Since they don’t know the tricks and trade of fitness social media marketing, they miss out on some golden chances to attract new clients and position themselves as a market leader.  

To ensure your brand’s voice doesn’t get lost in the background, you must know how to use social media and create a foolproof plan for fitness social media marketing

How to Create a Fitness Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Creating a social media marketing strategy is simple. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be good to go!

Step 1: Build Your Brand Identity 

In the social media marketing world, branding is everything! 

More than two-thirds of social media users buy a product or service after viewing branded content. This is why emerging businesses focus on investing their time, energy, and money into their social media pages. 

Considering the tough competition in the fitness arena, you’d want your studio’s social profiles to stand out from the crowd. This won’t be difficult if you know your way around branding. With branding, you can also convey your business idea and services more effectively to your target audience.  

The right way to go about this is by identifying what sets your fitness studio apart from others. Do you have advanced equipment to work out different muscles? Maybe your gym invites the youth to get on the fast track to fitness success. Or perhaps you boast an inclusive environment where people of all ages can take fitness lessons. 

Whatever your point of differentiation is, make sure your social media pages reflect that. Don’t hesitate to brag about what you do best!  

Step 2: Leverage the Right Tools 

A kickass fitness social media marketing strategy warrants the right tools. Otherwise, you can’t expect to build a polished presence for your fitness studio on social media.

Here are a few tools that will you. 


You can’t afford to post content full of typos and grammatical errors when you decide to put your brand in the public eye. Grammarly will help protect your professional reputation by fixing these errors. Plus, it will make your content easier to read and comprehend. This way, you can dedicate all your attention to curating high-quality content for your audience.


While keyword research and rankings on social media aren’t the same as search engines, a little guidance is welcome. With KWFinder, you can gain valuable insights into your competition, search volume, and pay-per-click competition. You can use these keywords to expand the reach of your sponsored social campaigns. 


Canva is a powerful design platform where you can find high-quality images to beautify your posts. It also allows you to design eye-catching banners for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels. Thanks to the pre-sized templates, you don’t have to worry about image distortion.   

Step 3: Create Content and Reward Interaction 

This step is all about creating content your audience finds relatable and valuable. As a fitness brand, you have endless options!

You can start by posting content on the most popular and commonly discussed fitness-related topics. An actionable list of dos and don’ts is also an excellent idea. Apart from this, you can debunk common fitness misconceptions, provide seasonal weight loss tips, or share easy exercises that people can do at home. 

Additionally, feel free to shed light on nutrition-related topics. Talk about well-balanced meal plans, recipes, and vitamin supplements. 

The idea behind posting great content is to foster a well-knit community. Cultivate a space where people can share their fitness journeys, struggles, and progress. Invite people to ask questions and provide them with relevant answers. This will ultimately boost user engagement on your social media channels.    

Lastly, consider creating a content posting schedule to stay on top of your fitness social media marketing game. 

Step 4: Gather Feedback 

When you’re giving what the audience wants, i.e., great content, it’s time to encourage two-way conversations. While you’re happy to listen to people’s fitness stories and willing to guide them through the challenges, you’d want them to share your posts with their friends and family to help you increase your reach. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool that may bring your fitness brand in front of several new people. 

In addition to this, you should ask for the audience’s feedback to ensure you’re on the right track. Find out what people would like to see more of and identify anything that they may not find useful on your profile. 

You must consider asking for feedback in creative ways. Instead of saying, “Please share your feedback with us,” try adding questions like, “What do you think of this fitness practice/ recipe?” or “Have you ever experienced something similar before?” at the end of your posts.   

Quick Tips for Instagram Marketing 

  • Post once a day (image or video) with relevant hashtags and locations to increase your reach. 
  • Reply to all the relevant comments and direct messages within 48 hours. 
  • Post at least four or five stories each day to promote your business and establish deep connections with your audience. 
  • Check out the posts and stories of other fitness brands and comment on them at least once a day.  

Quick Tips for Facebook Marketing

  • Post good quality content once a day. Use images, videos, and links to spark interest.
  • Join at least one fitness-related group and answer users’ questions regularly. 
  • Go live once a week to interact with your followers. 
  • Reply to your post comments and messages within 48 hours.  

Build a Strong Fitness Brand on Social Media

A well-crafted plan is a must if you want your fitness studio to stand out from hundreds and thousands of other brands on social media. With these tips, you can build a winning fitness social media marketing strategy in no time. 

Just make sure you know what value you’re bringing to the table and communicate it to your target audience. Also, actively engage with people and ask for their feedback to improve your strategy. 

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