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Client Resources
Videos, tips, tutorials, and exclusive training just for you – our awesome client!


WordPress Intro & Overview
Here is an introduction and general overview of your website, the tools we use, and some basics before you get started editing and managing your site!


WordPress Text Editor

Here is a walk-thru of the WordPress text editor. This is very important to get a basic understanding of since it’s the tool you’ll be using to add text and content to your pages and posts!


WordPress Optimizing Images

This tutorial shows you how to optimize your images BEFORE you put them on your website! It’s very important to make sure your images are “web-ready” before they’re uploaded to your site.

Optimize here:


DIVI Builder Tutorial

Here’s a basic overview of the Divi Builder. This is the page builder you’ll use to design and edit your pages. It’s an awesome, user-friendly, and very powerful tool that you’ll love once you get used to it! For more, CLICK HERE



Here is a brief overview of the Divi Library. This is one of my favorite features of Divi because it allows us to save layouts, sections, and pages to duplicate or export them to other pages and even other sites! For more, CLICK HERE.


Image Galleries Tutorial

In this tutorial, I walk you through how to edit the image galleries on your site as well as how to add new ones! Please refer back to my image optimization tutorial before uploading images to your site.


Google Analytics Tutorial

A walk-thru on how to read and understand your site traffic, page views, and more with Google Analytics.

You’ll get started here: 


Posting a Blog

Steps and details you should know when posting a blog.

Save featured image at 755×472 pixels. Use to save down file size.


SEO Basics
A walk-thru on how to set up SEO keywords in your pages and posts and how to gear your website content for best organic search results and social media display.
Additional Training & Client Resources

Below are some additional videos that may help you out as well. Be sure to scope through our blog for more recent posts, marketing strategies, etc. For more basics on WordPress, we recommend checking out WP101. More information and detailed tutorials for Divi can be found at Elegant Themes’ Official Divi Documentation

More personalized tutorials are on the way so please keep an eye on this page!


A walk-thru on utilizing Facebook Ads and how to drive more traffic and users to your website, services & products or to get more traffic to your Facebook page.



Moving Forward

If you didn’t get a chance to review my recommended steps for “Moving Forward” with your website, you can find full documentation on that HERE.



This tutorial shows you how to add and manage testimonials for those of you who have testimonials on your site! It’s a very simple and user-friendly process and is something that’s good to know should you want to add and edit your testimonials.

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