Instagram is Better than Other Social Media Platforms

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The growth of social media is no secret. It has become a preferred medium for businesses to reach out to their target audience. There are so many platforms to get creative with and so many areas to explore.  But do you also think Instagram is better than other social media platforms when it comes to business marketing? 

Many people prefer this channel for promoting their brand. Here’s why:

  • Instagram has more than 1.15 billion active monthly users
  • 90% of users follow at least one business profile
  • Half of the users are attracted to a brand when they see its ads on Instagram 

These statistics prove that Instagram is an excellent choice for promoting your business.  

Let’s discuss the top six reasons brands think Instagram is better than other social media platforms

Why Instagram is Better Than Other Social Media Platforms

Here’s what Instagram marketing can do for your business. 

Connect with Mobile Users

Did you know that more than 54% of website traffic comes from mobile devices? 

A study tells that US adults spend 4 hours, 6 minutes on mobile internet on average every day in 2021. 3:41 of this time is spent on mobile applications. With the growing popularity of social media platforms, more people are seen browsing social media apps. 

Instagram remains a popular choice for users after Facebook with a whopping engagement rate of 84%. Hence, it is easy to see why brands love this social media platform for engaging their target audience on mobile devices.    

Expand Brand Reach

Instagram’s user base is likely to expand over time in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect and the regular roll-out of new features. Although Facebook has more active users than Instagram, Facebook’s updated news feed algorithm has made it even more challenging for businesses to get noticed. Over 10 million advertisers are relying on this platform for marketing. 

On the other hand, Instagram has approximately 2 million monthly advertisers. Less competition means greater chances of succeeding at marketing. Thereby, it’s not surprising that many brands think Instagram is better than other social media platforms.     

Share Visual Content

In the modern, fast-paced digital world, businesses face difficulty gaining and maintaining the audience’s attention. Visuals are inarguably the best means to get your message across to prospects. And when it comes to visual content, no social media platform is better than Instagram.

Instagram is a visual-only platform where you can share eye-catching photos and engaging videos to attract prospective customers. You can also post your Instagram photos on Facebook. A study revealed that such photos get 23% more engagement than those posted directly. 

Considering this, Instagram should be your top choice for showcasing your brand to the target audience. Don’t forget to leverage the power of hashtags to get your post discovered by maximum users. You can also use an Instagram scheduling tool to make posting easy.  

Share Authentic Stories

The modern-day audience can differentiate between a fabricated tale and an authentic story. People want to hear stories that resonate with them and add value to their life. Hence, you must embrace storytelling in your interactions with prospects to boost engagement. 

When it comes to sharing stories, Instagram is hands down the winner! More than 400 million monthly users watch Instagram stories. People spend more time on the app watching stories from their favorite accounts. 

This has opened a new door of opportunity for businesses. Your marketing efforts can benefit from features like geo-location tagging, story advertisements, and hashtags. The newest addition is the Reels feature that allows businesses to connect with a vast audience.

Boost Engagement

The trend of influencer marketing is gaining massive popularity – and it is here to stay. 59% of micro-influencers believe that Instagram is the best channel for engaging people. Even though Facebook has twice the number of monthly users, Instagram boasts a 23% higher engagement rate

To boost your engagement rate, you’d want to collaborate with popular influencers whom the audience loves and trusts. The key is to focus more on their engagement rates than the follower count. The higher the engagement, the higher the likelihood of an influencer being authentic.

Take your time searching for genuine influencers in your niche. You must also keep an eye on your campaign’s progress and make necessary changes and adjustments alongside.   

Improved Conversion Rates

Another reason brands think Instagram is better than other social media platforms is that it generates higher conversion rates. All thanks to referral traffic and leads!

A Shopify study showed that e-commerce businesses enjoyed an engagement rate of 1.08% on Instagram. Moreover, the referral traffic from this platform translates into an incredible value of $65. The conversion rates on Instagram are way higher than on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.      

Final Words

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for businesses right now. The ease of use, market penetration, and user engagement offered by this platform are second to none. If you want to win in the marketing department and earn a reputation as a market leader, you must incorporate Instagram into your marketing strategy. 

It may take you some time to get the hang of the various exciting features this platform has to offer. However, once you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to take your brand to the next level. Staying consistent and well aware of the changing trends is the key to winning the hearts of the Instagram audience.  

Now that you know why Instagram is better than other social media platforms, get ready to devise a kickass plan to increase your brand awareness and attract new customers. 

Instagram is better than other social media platforms

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