6 Fantastic Benefits of Working with Nano-Influencers

6 Fantastic Benefits of Working with Nano-Influencers

The benefits of working with nano-influencers in the fitness and wellness world are many. Before we dive into it, let’s make sure you understand what a nano-influencer really is.

Technically, it’s someone with less than 1,000 followers on social media. Now, before you focus too much on the numbers, let’s tell you they have immense influence with a narrow niche. Moreover, their engagement rate is phenomenal and brands represented by these influencers are deemed authentic and trustworthy. 

This begs the question: Are nano-influencers the future of influencer marketing

Many fitness and wellness brands wonder if collaborating with nano-influencers is worth it when there are several big names out there with a crazy following. Honestly, there’s no right answer for it. 

Since nano-influencers don’t have a huge audience base, they tend to have real-life relationships with most, if not all, of their followers. As a result, people trust them with fitness-related advice and turn to them with their queries. However, despite the high engagement level, the audience size of a nano-influencer may not offer a great reach. 

Nevertheless, reaching out to a nano-influencer is a great step forward for fitness and wellness brands, especially those seeking to make connections in the industry and promote brand awareness. 

Benefits of Working with Nano-Influencers

The pointers below will convince you to collaborate with nano-influencers when earning people’s trust on social media. 

They Have Higher Engagement Rates

In the social media world, there’s such a thing as being too popular. 

It’s no secret that the engagement rate of influencers begins to decrease when they achieve a huge follower base. Nano-influencers on Instagram get a like rate of 8% on unpaid posts, whereas public figures with 1,000 to 10,000 followers have a 4% like rate.  

Another study showed that nano-influencers tend to enjoy an engagement rate twice as high as the influencers in other categories.

This suggests that if you collaborate with a nano-influencer and get them to make a sponsored post, it’ll likely be seen by most of their followers. Thanks to their higher reachability, they also enjoy a lower cost per impression and engagement.

They Are More Engaged With Their Followers 

A limited audience base allows nano-influencers to foster meaningful communication and establish and maintain authentic connections with people. It is easier for them to read and reply to every message and comment and provide real, personalized answers to everyone. Moreover, they can get to know their followers better and keep them engaged by asking about their fitness challenges or journeys. 

Genuine influencer-follower interaction results in higher engagement. Meanwhile, the influencer also earns the trust of the audience. 

They Are Trusted by People

The audience finds it easier to trust a nano-influencer because they can relate to them and their content without much effort. As a result, they perceive these public figures as a friend. Most importantly, they feel heard and understood whenever they reach out to them. 

One study suggests that people tend to trust their friends more than experts when a decision involves investing a certain amount of money, time, or effort. 

In turn, nano-influencers focus more on producing quality content that speaks directly to their target audience. They are also more careful when endorsing any fitness brand or its products because they value people’s trust and don’t want to disappoint them. 

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They Have a Niche-Oriented Audience

As a fitness brand, finding the right creator for influencer marketing can be tricky. One of the biggest benefits of working with nano-influencers is that they focus on producing niche and category-specific content. This allows you to better position your brand in front of different segments. 

There’s no better way to gain influencer and follower feedback on your products and services within your specific industry. Who knows, you may be able to find a unique angle to create new demand. 

They Help You Gain a Competitive Edge

Many fitness businesses underestimate the power of nano-influencers because of their small audience. Please don’t make this mistake! 

Small-scale content creators are growing faster than ever. Working with them can actually help you stand out from the crowd. There’s a good chance that you won’t find any ads from your competitors on these influencers’ profiles. 

All you have to do is be willing to guide and assist the influencer with social media advertising. Make sure you convey clear and concise ideas for the collaboration without burdening them with strict requirements. The key is to allow nano-influencers to leverage their creativity while advertising your business. This way, the posts won’t look overly promotional or fake to their followers as well. 

They Are Affordable

One of the main benefits of working with nano-influencers is that they don’t charge too much for their services. Unlike macro-influencers, they don’t have a mailbox flooding with collaboration requests from fitness brands. Thus, they may be happy to promote your business in exchange for a free product or service. 

That said, some nano-influencers may expect monetary compensation. However, their demand won’t likely be too high. Clearly, these influencers are the best choice for fitness and wellness startups that want to scale their business with a limited budget. 

Get Ready to Collaborate with the New Generation of Influencer Marketing!

Considering the many benefits of working with nano-influencers, it’s easy to see why businesses across industries are taking this route. Long gone are the days when brands used to look at the creators’ follower count only.

Collaborating with nano-influencers is indeed a powerful and cost-effective strategy in the modern influencer marketing world. You should look for someone with an individual approach and an engaging audience base. The right nano-influencer can help expand your business reach, stand out from your competitors, and enjoy better engagement rates, all while saving plenty of money. 

So, are you ready to take the leap and win big in the influencer marketing space? 

Good luck! 

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