5 Tips for Improving Your Fitness Email Marketing Strategy

 Fitness email marketing strategy

Do you think email marketing is a thing of the past?

Think again!

In the modern fitness business world, you can’t stand out without an effective fitness email marketing strategy.

In 2021, 4.03 billion people worldwide use email. By 2024, this number is expected to grow up to 4.48 billion. Share on X

Emails are a low-cost, highly personalized form of marketing that maximizes effectiveness. If you have a smart, well-thought-out strategy in place, email marketing can do wonders for your fitness business, especially in terms of generating qualified leads. 

A successful campaign requires a combination of strategy, creativity, and accurate market data.   

Let’s reveal the top five tips for fitness email marketing strategy that you can use to gain a competitive edge in the crowded industry in these challenging times.

Fitness Email Marketing StrategyTips Will Help Your Business Stand Out

Here are some tips you should follow to improve your open rates, decrease the number of unsubscribers, and welcome new clients into your gym or fitness center.

Create Audience Segments

Segmenting your audience is a prerequisite for a solid fitness email marketing strategy. The idea is to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and ensure that each email feels like a one-on-one conversation. Segmenting will enable you to tailor the email as per the recipients’ needs and preferences. This will guarantee that your messages and offers reach the right people. 

Essentially, you must divide your email lists into two segments. 

Current Members

With your current members, the goal of email marketing should be to foster relationships and develop deeper connections. This means you need to think beyond low joining fee offers and free trials. Your fitness studio’s existing clientele may be more interested in getting nutrition tips from experts and keep up with workshops, classes, and other fun events happening at the gym.  

That being said, to generate maximum ROI, you must focus on luring existing members into signing up for premium services and drive referrals from them.       


For best results, you should categorize your prospects and design written content, imagery, and promotions that each member within the category finds relatable. You can start by creating segments based on age, gender, and fitness goals.

This simple tactic will go a long way in bringing your unsubscriber numbers down.  


 Fitness email marketing strategy


Remember, Timing is Everything

Getting the timing right is critical for the success of any fitness email marketing strategy. Be very careful and tactical when sending out your emails. It can be the difference between new additions in your member list and several uninterested prospects.  

The best day for email marketing is believed to be Tuesday, followed by Wednesday and Thursday. Nevertheless, you must determine what works for your business through A/B testing your campaign. Stay on top of the results and strategize accordingly. 

If you’re able to find a time and day when your prospects are more likely to open and read your emails, you can expect to boost your open rate by at least a few percent. Imagine how this will add up over the course of a year!   

Don’t Bombard Your Audience With Too Much Information

One of the most important things to keep in mind when devising a fitness email marketing strategy is that your audience can only consume a certain amount of information at a time. This doesn’t just apply to the number of emails you send but also the number of offers you put across in a single email. 

No matter how many promotions your fitness center or gym offers at a given time, your email should have only one call-to-action (CTA) if you want to enjoy a higher conversion rate. 

With that said, make sure your CTA is connected to a landing page that’s relevant to your offer. This will lead the click-throughs to conversions. If you want to send multiple emails to your audience in a week, keep the content exciting and engaging. Also, don’t hesitate to allow people to opt-out of certain types of emails if they find them irrelevant.  

Create Winning Subject Lines

When it comes to email marketing, half of the battle is won with the subject line. More often than not, emails with poor subject lines end up in the junk folder – or worse, as spam! 

If you don’t want your efforts to go down the drain, make sure you create personalized subject lines that instantly grab the recipients’ attention without sounding “spammy”. For starters, mention the recipient’s name to put your email in a spotlight and give it a human touch. This will significantly improve your open rates as well.

Another technique is to use words and phrases that create a sense of urgency, such as ‘limited time only’, ‘last chance’, and ‘last day’. The idea is to make the recipients feel they’ll miss out on something great if they don’t read your email.     

Leverage the Power of Data

Another helpful tip for creating a fitness email marketing strategy is to stay on top of campaign-related data. Since email marketing is a quantifiable marketing channel, you can test and track the progress of your campaigns every step of the way.

This means you can eliminate guesswork from the equation and determine the kind of content your prospects want and expect, how often, and at what time. As mentioned earlier, A/B testing is a sure-fire way to find what works for your fitness business. For clear, accurate results, make sure that you test one component at a time.

If you’re struggling with improving your open rates, try to use more engaging subject lines and focus on timing the emails right. If it’s the conversion rate you’re facing problems with, try to improve your content quality and review your landing pages to see where you may be going wrong.          

The Bottom Line

Want to increase your lead generation, gather more customer reviews, and optimize your communication with the audience?  

With a clear, innovative strategy, email marketing can help you take your member acquisition and retention game to the next level. All you have to do is send the right emails to the right people at the right time. Make sure the subject line ignites curiosity and the CTA leads to a relevant landing page.    

So, what are you waiting for?

Use these tips to come up with a kickass fitness email marketing strategy that will set your business apart in the competitive industry.  

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